Carriesoft Co., Ltd.

Genre : Animation/Character Carriesoft Co.,Ltd., a content IP-based animation studio, founded in October 2014 and went public on the KOSDAQ in October 2019. With slogans “Make Kids Happy” and “Happy Family,” Carriesoft strives to be a comprehensive entertainment company for children and families. Content● Carrie and SuperKola /Featured Film /78mins● Carrie and SuperKola Season1 /Series […]

Korea Educational Broadcasting System

EBS – Korea Educational Broadcasting System is the one and only public educational broadcasting company in Korea.EBS is now operating 8 different channels, including 2 terrestrial TV channels, 1 radio channel, 3 satellite TV channels specialized in educational programs, 1 IPTV children’s channel and 1 channel for Korean-Americans.Terrestrial channels offer preschool and youth programs, culture […]


The only comprehensive content group in South Korea that focuses on four core business divisions:newspaper, broadcasting, multiplex, and leisure Content Business Description


ADHESIVE is a global studio that produces movie, drama and web-toon contents across diverse traditional and new media platforms. Movies, Dramas, and web-toon start with a story and every story starts with an unique ideas. That’s what ADHESIVE is, ‘we create not only a story contentsbut also the new culture.’

Aka Music

As the only original publishing sound source company in Korea that does not have any copyright problems, it is being used in 190 domestic and foreign channels. Our ServiceProviding customized broadcasting and YouTube music for the first time in Korea reflecting the complex needs of business people Has all tracks ISWC, ISRC Our StrengthYoutube copyright […]


SLL took the first step towards becoming a global major studio by changing its name from JTBC Studios to SLL in 2022.As a multi-dimensional studio covering all aspects of the content business from development to production, investments, and distribution.we are expanding the horizon for K-content.We have produced mega-hit shows such as SKY CASTLE, THE WORLD […]

SBS Contents Hub

“Making the world brighter by offering a wider perspective on tomorrow” is SBS’s vision.We are striving to enrich our viewers’ lives and make our society cheerful and healthy. Based on the values of fidelity, creativity, diversity and practicality,we will leap into a world-class media group, together with our outstanding talent at SBS Media Group.


MBC is a public broadcasting corporation. Its largest shareholder is a public organization, Foundation for Broadcast Culture. While it is owned by a public foundation, it operates on advertising. Established in 1961, MBC has grown into a media group with 16 local stations and 8 subsidiaries. MBC operates a total number of 18 channels including […]

KBS Media

Korea’s First, Korea’s Biggest. This is the history of Content Distribution written by KBS Media striving forward Founded in 1991, the company has been leading the Content Distribution, reaching the highest sales record in Korea through domestic and international distribution of TV rights and VOD rights. KBS Media sets the stage for K-Wave by exporting […]


Where does true originality come from?Since 1995, CJ ENM has been answering that question.We are at originality’s frontier, creating must-see dramas, award-winning movies, and addictive reality entertainment. We are discovering K-pop’s next stars, inventing animation’s next sensation, and producing world-class musicals for Broadway,the West End and Asia. Originality thrives on common themes in every language, […]