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“Making the world brighter by offering a wider perspective on tomorrow” is SBS’s vision.We are striving to enrich our viewers’ lives and make our society cheerful and healthy. Based on the values of fidelity, creativity, diversity and practicality,we will leap into a world-class media group, together with our outstanding talent at SBS Media Group.


MBC is a public broadcasting corporation. Its largest shareholder is a public organization, Foundation for Broadcast Culture. While it is owned by a public foundation, it operates on advertising. Established in 1961, MBC has grown into a media group with 16 local stations and 8 subsidiaries. MBC operates a total number of 18 channels including […]

KBS Media

Korea’s First, Korea’s Biggest. This is the history of Content Distribution written by KBS Media striving forward Founded in 1991, the company has been leading the Content Distribution, reaching the highest sales record in Korea through domestic and international distribution of TV rights and VOD rights. KBS Media sets the stage for K-Wave by exporting […]


Where does true originality come from?Since 1995, CJ ENM has been answering that question.We are at originality’s frontier, creating must-see dramas, award-winning movies, and addictive reality entertainment. We are discovering K-pop’s next stars, inventing animation’s next sensation, and producing world-class musicals for Broadway,the West End and Asia. Originality thrives on common themes in every language, […]

Arirang TV

Arirang TV/RADIO has been taking on the role of “a global network through communication” and making efforts to properly inform viewers around the world of various perspectives through content that shows the true faces of Korea and the Globe. As a media diplomacy channel, Arirang TV/RADIO has tried to deliver a balanced voice with its […]


Operator of global content production studio created to entertain masses. The company engages in content planning, production, and distribution for its viewers, enabling clients to enjoy sympathetic and enjoyable content.


JMG provides solutions for all fields of music Content Business Description M+ Recording Studio, As a professional studio equipped with top-level engineers and facilities in the country, we have conducted recording, mixing, and mastering for numerous artists. Create Culture is a marketing specialized company that possesses a wide range of advertising channels,including traditional media such […]


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My Liberation Notes Green Mothers’ Club Singing Seniors With deep passion for music, these seniors sing from the bottom of their hearts!Singing Seniors is a music variety show documenting 100 days of senior actors on their journey to forming a choir. The sixteen choir members first introduce themselves through a solo stage. A veteran musical […]


Mathematics has a magical power. Those who know the truth of mathematics can use the mysterious mathematical magic. They began to collect all the mathematical knowledge in the world for future generations, and the Holy Grail containing all mathematical knowledge was born. The Holy Grail symbolizes the power to dominate the world. A Z who […]