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EBS – Korea Educational Broadcasting System is the one and only public educational broadcasting company in Korea.
EBS is now operating 8 different channels, including 2 terrestrial TV channels, 1 radio channel, 3 satellite TV channels specialized in educational programs, 1 IPTV children’s channel and 1 channel for Korean-Americans.
Terrestrial channels offer preschool and youth programs, culture programs and documentaries for adults.
Besides TV channels, VOD service and diverse array of e-Learning content of different levels and different target ages are provided via online/mobile platform.

EBS strives to produce top-notch children’s programs and documentaries. After its dedication in making science, history and nature documentaries, EBS’s premium documentaries are acknowledged in the global content market and work with major broadcasters in the U.S and Europe, including PBS, Smithsonian Channel, France 5, Arte, and RAI, etc.
EBS children’s programs have been leading the preschoolers and children content market. EBS animation such as ‘Pororo, the Little Penguin’ or ‘Super wings’ air in all over the world entertaining and educating the younger audience.

Business Description

  • Contents overseas sales (documentary, children’s program, format)
  • Model export (Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia etc.)
  • Overseas co-production and education business

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