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SLL took the first step towards becoming a global major studio by changing its name from JTBC Studios to SLL in 2022.
As a multi-dimensional studio covering all aspects of the content business from development to production, investments, and distribution.
we are expanding the horizon for K-content.
We have produced mega-hit shows such as SKY CASTLE, THE WORLD OF THE MARRIED, and ITAEWON CLASS as well as OTT series including HELLBOUND and ALL OF US ARE DEAD that captured the global audiences’ attention.
Furthermore, we are trend-setters in the feature and digital spaces, creating content that is not bound to specific platforms and existing formats.
Through strategic partnerships with global streamers and studios, as well as the production of international remakes, we are making a strong footprint in the competitive content market.
SLL hopes to tell exciting stories that captivate audiences around the globe and transcend the traditional boundaries of time and space. With the change of our company name, we will become a boundless and fierce studio much different from those that exist today.

SLL is the abbreviated term for STUDIO LULULALA.
The word “Lululala” conveys moments of excitement but its exact definition cannot be found anywhere…
not even in a dictionary.
“Lululala” is an expression used to convey moments of excitement, pure joy and curious anticipation for the future. SLL produces content that incites such “lululala” moments; we hope to deliver this sentiment
to everybody around the world with our stories, no matter what language they speak.
SLL wishes to imbue the global audiences’ daily lives with more happiness, joy, and laughter

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