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Sound Alliance is a one-stop sound solution company that provides realistic stereoscopic sound data and contents based on the Pre/Post sound productionn, as well as the on-site technique such as sound designing, system engineering, and performance operating with the largest and best sound equipment and professionals.

Business Description

Sound Alliance provides the best One-Stop Audio Solutions with both the largest, exellent Audio Equipment, and Sound Professionals. We specialize in Sound Design, System Engineering, Performance Art Sound Operation, Audio Equipment Rental & On-site Operation, Pre/Post Sound Production Services, and Data/Contents Production with Immersive Audio Techniques With countless experiences in the field.

<Business Model>
:Diversification, and Big-Datafication of Stereophonic Sound Sources by means of Patenting 3D Stereophonic Sound Source Assessment Tools & Assessment Method

Real-time 3D Stereophonic Sound technology
The technology of implementing and processing ‘3D Realistic Stereophonic Sound’
is one of the key technical elements in the field of auditory.
This technology makes it possible to process Realistic <Sound Data/Auditory Information> adding the ‘high-quality’, ‘high-value’ sense to numerous <products of industry/industrial products> such as audio, video, games etc.
(Stereophonic Sound produced by Sound Image Localization and Sound
Manipulation using a Binaural/Ambisonic Microphone, and Surround-Type Multi-Channel)

1. Audio Technology for VR
Channel-Based Audio, Object-Based Audio, and Scene-Based Audio extended to Live Performances, and multimedia services such as Broadcasting, Movies, Radio
2. Channel-Based Audio
: Audio processed to make the best of the playback environment,
when the environmental settings such as the number of audio channels, and the position of the audio speakers are fixed
3. Object-Based Audio
: The method of addressing the audio signal by means of separating the Sound Source itself which is divided into individual units of
objects, the Metadata which includes the position and the size of the Sound Source object
4. Scene-Based Audio
: A set of technologies for portraying the audio scene with sound pressure levels from various points

Business Scope

1. Performing Arts Industry
– 3D Realistic Stereophonic Sound Source Data, Sound Design, Occupying 75% of K-Musicals/plays
– approx. 120 pieces including Musical <Hades Town>, <Lion King International Tour>, <Wicked>, <Mamma Mia>

2. Convergence Art Exhibition
3D Realistic Stereophonic Sound Production, Museum Soundscape Design D-Museum Exhibition <SOUNDMUSEUM: Your Feelings and Memories>, <Romantic Days>

3. Mixed Genre
– Multi-Genre Sound Source Production (Ballet, Classical Music, Contemporary Dance, and Fashion)
– Concert Hall Realistic Stereophonic Sound Design.
– Contemporary Dance <Pallae: Womanhood Story>, <This is Not a Game>
– Dr. Oh Eun-young <Talk Concert>,

4. Movie / Broadcasting / Commercials Sound Source and Stereophonic Sound Design
– 2X9 (Okseop Yi, Kyohwan Koo) Short Film
– Samsung Bespoke Commercial <Leave The Door Open>,
– Movie <Love Villain, 2022>, <Super Star LeeHyori, 2022>,
– Animation <Your Name(KR Dub), 2016>

5. OTT Program Studio Recording
– Variety Show <Seoul Check-in>, Netflix Series <Squid Game> (Partial Recording)

6. Online Contents
– Refining the Sound Source of Online Derivative Works &
– Broadcasting 3D Stereophonic Mixed Live Contents

7. Stereophonic Sound Source Data & Mobile App Development
– Constructing Service Platforms suited for Metaverse Contents / AI
– Extracting, Developing, and Refining Patent-Based Stereophonic Sound Source Data in cooperation with the Corporate R&D Center
-Developing Softwares suited for Realistic Stereophonic Sound Source

8. Overseas Performance: Sound Source data, Sound Design
[Taiwan] Original Musical <Cats>-AsiaTour
[Japan] <Altar Boyz>,<I Love You>,<Maybe Happy Ending, 2018>
[China] <K-Musical Roadshow>

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