MK Entertainment

MK Entertainment

MK Entertainment is a video culture contents production studio that produces various online contents such as an animation, film, drama planning and production, licensing, mobile game, webtoon, motion comics, audio books, etc.
Myung koo Kang of MK Entertainment has been produced and planed various contents that are reconstructed for KBS TV Animation, for a popular character in Korea.
for 2011 Gyeonggi-do provincial support project selection theater 4D Ride Stereoscopic Image, etc.
These days that various online contents have high value of the global cultural industry including TV Animation.
MK Entertainment make every effort to be the leader of the global cultural content industry by using OSMU characteristics of cultural contents.


  • Robot Zzibba
  • I Like Dalki
  • Dalddong Dalddong Dalddong Bbang
  • Box Hero
  • Ally’s Food Fantasy

Business Description

  • Film, Drama planning and production
  • Webtoon, Motion comics, Audio books
  • Animation
  • Mobile Game

Exhibitor introduction