MBC is a public broadcasting corporation. Its largest shareholder is a public organization, Foundation for Broadcast Culture. While it is owned by a public foundation, it operates on advertising.

Established in 1961, MBC has grown into a media group with 16 local stations and 8 subsidiaries. MBC operates a total number of 18 channels including 1 terrestrial TV channel, 3 radio channels, 5
cable channels, 5 satellite channels and 4 DMB channels.

MBC has exported its high quality content to more than 50 countries and been received well from overseas viewers. In addition, MBC has strengthened international cooperation by maintaining partnership with other broadcasting companies from around the world.

MBC produces programs that inform, entertain and impress viewers. MBC makes efforts to communicate and respond to its audiences. Pursuing audience-first approaches, fairness, public interests and creativity, MBC will become the most competitive global media group in the 21st century.

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