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38°C Animation Studio


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In 2011, Studio 38˚C was developed with the goal to create brand new 3D animation TV series and films with an unprecedented ingenuity filled with brilliant ideas and imagination.
This passion resulted in the co-production of the ‘G-fighters’ TV series, Electric Circus, not to mention the impeccably planned and produced ‘Anipang Friends’ of SUNDAYTOZ.
From 2013 to 2016, we partnered with CJ E&M to supervised and produced ‘Rainbow Ruby’, which is now airing in over 40 countries all over the world.
We were also selected as one of the support teams to collaborate with the CGI Animation Center in Jeju, a collaboration which resulted in a variety of successful productions.
We are currently producing and distributing animation ‘Junglebox’ with CJ E&M. It is broadcast on Tooniverse and SBS as a public channel in Korea. In addition, it was also launched on YouTube, and uploaded to iQiyi platform in China. It is being exposed in various directions.
Our goal has always been to create new passionate stories for children backed by amazing 3D animation in order to constantly push the barriers of entertainment today in order to awe and inspire our audience.


  • Jungle Box
  • Drone Racer
  • Rainbow Ruby
  • GotchuCatchu, 2023(in progress)

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  • 3D Animation TV Series

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