Larva Season 1

Something is constantly falling from the world of humans to Red and Yellow, who live in sewers. Chewy gum, wasted ice cream, coins, rings, etc, The cute little caterpillars Red and Yellow are all amazing. Sometimes they get in trouble, they get in trouble, they get happy, they fight for the things that fall, Because they are so small, they are thrown into a huge crisis due to the influence of the human world such as raindrops and cold weather

Larva Season 2

A small old house located between high-rise buildings, But for Red and Yellow, the cheap food that humans eat and the old furniture are all just delicious and amazing toys. The two are in danger of eating food away from the human eye and quarreling with each other for a mysterious toy. And they are driven by human pets, dachshunds, parrots, and chameleons, and they are in an unimaginable crisis.

Larva Season 3

A sewer, an old house, and this time New York Street! When a small house between skyscrapers is demolished, Red and Yellow are driven into the middle of New York Street in an instant. From bitter cold and bombastic raindrops to sharp mouse incisors and twin pigeons! In the high, cold city, all kinds of dangerous things that have never been seen before are waiting for Red and Yellow. What will happen to Red and Yellow on the streets of New York, where there is no food or place to sleep? Red, Yellow, and friends’ street life begins against the backdrop of New York, which they saw with Larva’s eyes, including a trash dump in a back alley like a treasure trove, an exciting water park fountain, and a colorful flowerbed.


Survive on a desert island! Escape the desert island! Red and Yellow, who left New York and fell on a deserted island, and pretended to be uninhabited! To solve food, clothing, and shelter on a barren desert island The tearful life on a deserted island life begins. If you adapt to a desert island, you’ll have more cases, and if you solve them, you’ll have bigger ones. In the end, Chuck tries to escape from the desert island with Red and Yellow, After having a hard time, you come back to the deserted island like a lie. Can Red and Yellow escape from a deserted island?


Pretending to be the main character who escaped from a deserted island in five and a half years! Red and yellow, seals, Clara, robots from outer space, Crabspommer, and so on the island He interviews reporters while recalling his adventures and journeys. Can anyone believe what Chuck says about what he’s been through on a desert island?

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