Everyday, Baby Finn Learns Something New With The Funn Family!

Meet Finn! Finn is a curious, 20-month old baby who loves Baby Shark and spending time with his family, especially his two older siblings, Bora and Brody.

With relatable stories and joyful tunes, every episode follows the daily adventures of Finn and his family!

Pinkfong Wonderstar

When Pinkfong crashes into the roof of a house in Wonderville, Pinkfong finds a perfect best friend and problem-solving partner, Hogi. Pinkfong’s magic, endless enthusiasm and Hogi’s encyclopedic knowledge inspire them to open ‘Wonderstar’, a problem-solving service for the townspeople of Wonderville – and beyond.

Wonderstar Concert

“ The most beloved children’s character, Pinkfong will hold the first concert with Wonderstar friends for the Pinkfong & Baby Shark fans across the world.”

Enjoy like a Real Live Concert!

<Pinkfong Wonderstar: Sing-Along Concert>
is a child-friendly sing-along movie allowing the children in the movie theater to come and enjoy the concert and feel as though they are dancing and singing along with the characters.


Pinkfong and Hogi decide to hold a wonderful concert with Wonderville friends,
showcasing each of their favorite songs!

However, while preparing for the tour, Team Wonderstar begins arguing as they are
getting tired from practicing due to differences in opinions while preparing the stage…
Will Pinkfong and Hogi be able to overcome various conflicts and difficulties
to deliver the perfect show?

Baby Shark Songs & Stories

Exhibitor introduction