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Dream Factory Studio

Dream Factory Studio


: Animation/Character

Dream Factory Studio is an animation IP creator as expanding our business strategy accompanied with global professionals. Since establishment, our content creativity and planning power have been recognized by global buyers and Korean agencies. In 2017, Dream Factory Studio launched own series animation ‘ZellyGo.’ The program has succeeded in China by Youku/Alibaba and closed deal with Viacom international. With such a successful debut in the global market, there are more projects coming in next such as ‘PongPong Dino,’ ‘Ping’s oddventure’ and ‘Monster Agency.’ DreamFactory Studio provides the best digital content and solution in different ways every day. Our every effort will meet the global audience expanding the realm of digital content with charming characters and the novel stories.


  • PongPong Dino
  • The Pompoms
  • ZellyGo
  • Monster Agent

Business Description

  • Planning and Development Contents
  • CGI Production Service
  • 360 Degree Video, Dome Video, VR, Game Cinematic

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