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Cake Corporation


: Immersive Content

An interactive learning experience with my favorite artists begins now.
Learn! What You Love.
Cake is the new name of the previous HYBE EDU. Established in November 2018 with the
vision of becoming an innovative edu-tech company, HYBE EDU has worked to change the
nature of learning by utilizing the world’s best artist IP-based content.
Since its foundation, HYBE EDU has been developing and providing various language learning
materials that help break down language barriers and allow people around the world with
common interests to come together.
HYBE EDU was acquired by Cake Corporation on June 1st, 2022, to expand its services as
a global language learning app. Cake will continue to carry out HYBE EDU’s visions and will
continue to grow to provide leading multi-language services to its global users

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