72 Seconds

72 Seconds

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72SECONDS creates some of Korea’s leading digital content, including platform originals (Kakao, Naver), broadcast content (CJENM), and IP’s that have reached millions across the globe.
Starting with “72 Seconds Drama”, which pioneered the branded short-form content industry in Korea, the studio has created 25+ new series and is regularly producing and releasing new IP’s.
Specializing in live-action scripted content, 72Seconds creates series that show ordinary, relatable life in an extraordinary, larger than life way. Operations include creation, planning, production and distribution.
In 2018, 72Seconds became the first Asian digital producer nominated for an International Emmy. 2019 marked their second consecutive nomination with the series ‘dxyz’ (2019).

  • New IP’s in development.
  • An Int. Emmy nominated creative team that created many of Korea’s digital megahits.
  • Over 30 seasons of ready-made available.
  • Digital formats with successful track records.
  • Kpop content featuring popular idol groups like MOMOLAND, SUPER JUNIOR, AB6, PENTAGON.

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