Cake is the new name of the previous HYBE EDU. Established in November 2018 with the vision of becoming an innovative edu-tech company, HYBE EDU has worked to change the nature of learning by utilizing the world’s best artist IP-based content.Since its foundation, HYBE EDU has been developing and providing various language learning materials that […]


SKYWALK is a game development and publishing company founded in 2019.Our goal is to give global users the best experience with the best games. To this end, we operate five separate studios to enhance the expertise of each genre, and we are ready to showcase various genres of games with the best quality.Daniel E. J. […]


NinetwoLabs Inc. is a game development company with the Creating Proper Games, Innovating Trends. Our flagship, “Drawshop Kingdom,” is a 2D pixel strategy and business simulation game loved for its casual gameplay. Released in Aug 2021 on App Store & Play Store, it gained recognition and was featured on Google Play. Currently, we’re developing “Drawshop […]


LIVE K is XR Metaverse company specializing in real-time synthetic XR shooting studio,3D media art, and metaverse platform production. Contents and services based on Unreal Engine are showing more realistic and compatible technologies. Metaverse application and operation service through volumetric capture technology is the world’s first technology specialized in cloud streaming services. [SPACE K] immersive […]

Ace Edu

Ace Edu is an innovative edu-tech animation company.We have certificate of excellent technology which creates educational music video with K-pop content.We had 30,000 paid members secured within a year after the launch.Our team is the most experienced in K-pop education song in the world since 2012.We are Korea’s top K-pop and educational content experts.

The Gream

THE GREAM COMPANY Co., Ltd is a company that creates complex art spaces by combining visual art such as trick art and murals, digital art, and AR metaverse technology. We oversee and provide total support for all processes from concept planning, customer experience design, content design and modeling, and production. In the case of AR, […]

Magic Bean

Magic Bean Games started on November 1, 2009 as Magic Bean with a desperate desire to make a board game that the whole family can laugh at. The day the block made by kneading gypsum powder and cutting the saw was first ejected. It snowed heavily that day.The time we endured with board games has […]

Ring Games

Ring Games believes that whole value can be delivered only when everything fromproduction to service is on one link. Delivering the passion of the developers and the value we wish to convey to users, and being able to share the same emotions, these are the ideals of Ring Games. Ring Games is pioneering the future […]


Haegin, which in old korean means “living long and happily”, is a mobile game company found in Sep. 2017 by Youngil Lee, who cofounded Com2uS along with Jiyoung Park, the former CEO of Com2uS. Starting with by Strom Ventures which is based in the Silicon Valley, various companies such as Tencent, BonAngels, Netmarble-Kona Fund, and […]


Founded in 2019, we have grown steeply with aggressive investments.We have created Cut the Rope: BLAST, Yumi’s Cells: The Puzzle, My Home Japan and so on.Moreover, we have taken over fascinating games such as Hello Hero, Angel Stone and so forth. Since our goal is to provide our players with high-quality games and the best […]