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Mandoo Games is a board game design studio and publishing company in Korea. We have been focusing on strategy game with fresh mechanic and eye-catching look for family gamers. We’re a small group of the experts in this industry. Our vision is to introduce beautiful, fun family games again and again, so making many fans in worldwide who’re looking forward to seeing our next projects.


  • 2017 Rising 5 Runes of Asteros (Korea, China, Taiwan, US, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Russia)
  • 2018 Manhattan (Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, US, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia)
  • 2019 Seals license export (Germany, France, Austria, Spain)
  • Spring Rally license export (EU,US)
  • Wangdo export (China, Taiwan, France, Spain, Italy)
  • Jekyll & Hyde vs Scotland Yard
  • Dracula vs Van helsing
  • Vale of Eternity
  • 12 Chip Trick

Business Description

  • Game Production
  • Publishing

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