Young Toys

Since its foundation in 1980, Young Toys has been the leading South Korean toy manufacturer with proprietary animated IPs.Despite our business began from ‘toys only’ business, Young Toys is now fully dealing with manufacturing & distributing toys, creating animation, proceeding own license business, operating New Media business and has grown up as the largest Kids […]

Whyj Contents

whyj contents Makes Better where IP matters. whyj contents’ mission is to expand the audience of well-crafted Korean IPs beyond domestic borders using various strategies, such as media distribution, merchandise licensing, and digital marketing. Leveraging its expertise in character development and storytelling, the company collaborates with established production studios to create captivating content that resonates […]


For 25 years, TOYTRON has steadily grown through consistent product development and expansion of product lines, guided by our management philosophy “”Through toys like vitamins, we create a happy world.”” As a Media Mix company, TOYTRON has become a role model in the toy and content industries, leveraging content originating from toys to produce animations […]

The Pinkfong Company

The Pinkfong Company is a global entertainment company that delivers content and entertaining experiences around the world. Driven by award-winning brands and IPs, the company has created and distributed a range of content across genres and formats including original animated series, world live tours, interactive games, and more. Believing in the power of entertaining and […]

Studio Vandal

Studio Vandal Co., Ltd. is a leading content production company specializing in planning and producing TV, OTT and feature animation, education content, and new media content.Our contents are serviced through broadcasting stations and cable, IPTV, VOD, YouTube, and new media channels.In addition, we expand various contents businesses such as character licensing and collaboration with other […]

Studio Gale

Studio Gale is one of the leading 3D animation studios specializing in creating and producing global animation based in South Korea. Tish Tash is the first Korean Creative Animation that is broadcasted on BBC, UK as well as nominated at Kids Emmy Awards. And Grami’s Circus Show has been credited for it’s value on the […]

Soul Creative

Soul Creative Co., Ltd. is a specialized producer for animations of various genres, including television series, long animations for theaters, mobile animations, and more. We continue taking challenges for progressing to diverse platforms.


ROI VISUAL is an animation studio, based in Seoul, Korea and have produced pre-school and kids animations since our foundation in 1999, we have grown into a global entertainment company by introducing our excellent original content such as Woobi Boy, Chiro, Inner Ranger and Robocar POLI.ROI VSUAL will continue to create good contents so that […]

Pingo Entertainment

Established in 2016, Pingo specializes in planning, producing 3D animation TV series and movies. Pingo consists of a talented team of specialists from various fields of animation. As a multimedia entertainment company, Pingo not only wants to develop original ideas into high quality content, but wants to contribute its skills in planning, developing, producing and […]