I.M.WELL Co,.Ltd


I.M.WELL Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in developing media content whose main business is culture and arts research, exhibition planning, design, video development, and story development. 

A corporate-affiliated research institute was established to develop knowledge and information accumulated through art and cultural exhibitions conducted over the years into more interesting content.

The research institute produces various contents that deliver knowledge and information to the public so that they can enjoy and enjoy art culture comfortably in their daily lives, centering on children and adolescents.

The start is the development of the character of Ha-doong, a white tiger ghost living in the art museum, and <Ghost lives in the art museum!!> Ha-doong is the main character Storytelling is being developed.



Ghost live in the art museum!

<Ghosts live in art museums!> The story began with the concern of telling people that art is not only enjoyed by certain people, but is always together in our lives, and how to convey common sense of knowledge about culture and art.

From that concern, Ha-Doong, a white tiger ghost living in an art museum, appeared.

We will meet a variety of events, centering on art galleries with artworks, along with the main character Ha-Dongi, the main character Ghost white tiger, who captures Korean emotions, and the surrounding characters Wooju, Chorong, Dick, and Mac. One of Ha-doong’s novelty is that he can freely cross the world in his work, and it is designed to convey common sense and knowledge of culture and arts to viewers (children) through various stories about art works that are experienced and solved in the world.


Various video-type kids content, which is gaining popularity, is based on what happens while most of the living space coexists with the main character in a general residential environment. Therefore, it is a way to convey all messages in the event itself.

On the other hand, Had-doong narrates in a limited space called an art museum and draws new stories out of the limited space through artworks, creating various stories similar to existing kids’ contents, and expanding artistic and cultural educational contents indefinitely through various materials.