CHOI’s LAND. Co., Ltd


Choi’sLand Co., Ltd. is a special SFX drama production company that produced Korea’s first special children’s drama <Earth- Warrior Vector Man>.
Currently, the prequel of <Nano-Fighters LOKAPA>, the third work dealing with the battle against the virus in the pandemic situation, is being aired in Korea and China.
In the first half of 2022, a 15-minute, 52-episode TV series is about to be produced.
• 2021. 07~ 7 OTTs, including Aiqiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, Bilibili,, Haokanspin, and Siguaspin, are on air.
• 2021. 06 ~ Nino Warrior Locapa IPTV service started (LG U+, SK Broadband)
• 2021. 04. 30 ~ Nano Warrior Lokapa Daekyo Fisherman TV broadcast
• 2020. 09 ~ Nano transfer Locapa mask product in production
• 2020. 01 ~ Nano Warrior Locapa planning and production preparation
• 2019. 10 ~ Participated in Indonesia K Contents Expo
• 2019. 04 ~ Nano transcription Locapa format pilot production completed
• 2019. 03 ~ Moved into the 3rd Tencent Accelerator Center in Shenzhen, China
• 2018. 11 ~ Attended KOCAC Star-con Champions League (Shenzhen)
• 2018. 10 ~ Nano Warrior Locapa Format Pilot Shooting
• 2018. 07 ~ Selected as KOCCA format pilot support
• 2018. 05 ~ Moved into the 2nd Tencent Accelerator Center in Shenzhen, China
• 2004. 10 ~ Guardian Warrior Max Man 30 minutes 26 episodes KBS2TV broadcast
• 1999. 10 ~ Earth Brave Vector Man 30 minutes 13 episodes Season 2 KBS2TV broadcast
• 1999. 07 ~ Earth Hero Vector Man theatrical release
• 1998. 10 ~ Earth Brave Vector Man 30 minutes 13 episodes Season 1 broadcast on KBS2TV



Nano-Fighters LOKAPA

Nano-Fighters LOKAPA is the world’s first SFX drama that fights viruses in the human body!

Nano-Fighters LOKAPA is derived from the Sanskrit word Lokapala, meaning guardian of mankind.

Currently secured 250,000 subscribers on TikTok

Especially popular in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, etc.

Rising as a dark horse in the children’s SFX drama market in China as well as Southeast Asia.

Original content of virus material suitable for the pandemic situation caused by Covid-19

Edutainment content that learns habits for children’s health and cleanliness.

Release of content products that combine character masks and antibacterial masks with existing robot toys.