CELLBIG always thinks ‘ahead’. We create distinct values that will lead the way into the ‘next era’ with a spirit of challenge for technological innovation and customer-centered creative thinking. CELLBIG is creating new unique values of CELLBIG in response to customer needs and market changes while planning and producing future-oriented content that will lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution. our corporate content research lab makes consistent R&D efforts for next generation contents that will lead the next generation leveraging on a variety of innovative technologies, including Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Hologram



Sand Craft

Sand Craft is a piece of edutainment content featuring a tactile cognitive function, which has been developed based on depth sensing technology and projection mapping technology. Users are able to enjoy a variety of experiential type contents on actual geographical features created on a real time basis by user actions such as digging, stacking, and touching. It provides powerful tangible feedback using soft real sand and it is a variety of learning, functional content and not only children but also recently, it is touch and emotional learning content for the elderly.

 Sand Craft is used in kindergartens, elementary (primary) schools, science centers, and exhibition halls as natural science equipment, leading to a theme-specific solution, applied science, exhibits, 4D experience center, analog and digital play education, as well as nursing homes, senior care centers and welfare centers.

Fanta Sketch

By combining analog play coloring and augmented reality technology, you can maximize your imagination and curiosity by expressing the colored colors, inducing fun and interest in the virtual environment in real time, and further interacting with user touch. (Fanta Sketch is a next-generation augmented reality platform that recognizes picture paper with outlines on the webcam in real time and allows users to experience creative art activities by coloring augmented 3D modeling in a 3D virtual environment in real time. “Children can relieve stress by playing with coloring 10 minutes a day, and brain stimulation can help brain growth, mental development, small muscle development, psychological stability, and concentration improvement. It is also said that guardians will be provided with expert advice on the child’s disposition and personality by understanding the child’s mind at least a little bit, and the child’s psychological state. CELLBIG coloring AR can be used in the fields of safety, welfare, and public interest of children exposed to various environments such as homes, daycare centers, kindergartens, and schools.”

Coloring not only children but also adults and the elderly has been proven to be of great help in emotional stability and relieve stress. In particular, the University of Drexel Drexel in the United States announced that it lowers cortisol levels, the main culprit of fatigue and chronic diseases.

Fanta Play

The global COVID19 pandemic has closed theme parks and amusement venues around the world. Many people confined to home are looking for new ways to entertain themselves and new experiences to try. CELLBIG, a leading AR company has created Fanta Play, after requests from its theme park partners around the world. The game offers a variety of innovative and engaging augmented reality games which can be played at home.

With two categories of game and 14 different experiences to try, Fanta Play aims to be one of the first AR games to hit living rooms worldwide.

Fanta Spin-AR blade game where you can enjoy various effects by detecting the top on the table of the specified standard. 

Fanta Take – AR content that uses the provided landing tool to retrieve various characters or solve a quiz using objects.