Anyzac Co., Ltd.


Anyzac is a dynamic corporation constantly creating and producing contents and doing brand building. It is a place where creative, valuable, and commercial artwork is made. To maintain this quality, Anyzac not only develops techniques but also grows together with skills, people, and contents. The company plans contents which can be both acceptable and fresh in the target market, develops differentiated and attractive characters taking advantage of 2D and 3D CGI, comes up with new media contents, plans and produces unique and original animations based on its production techniques in a variety of character businesses. Key employees who have worked in global projects lead planning, production, and projects with quality contents. With its excellent planning capability and originality, Anyzac has created various genres of animation including ZOMBIE DUMB, TIME TRAVELER LUKE, and IN:APP through its own production and global partnership, thereby has know-hows.



Zombiedumb season2

“To be or not to be a friend, that is the question”

Once again comes the ridiculously funny slapstick comedy!

“Zombiedumbs meet new enemies!”

After many twist and turns, a human girl ‘Hana’ becomes friends with Zombiedumb. One day, New enemies intrude into their peaceful life. They are the trio Zombie Hunters who plan to drive out Hana 

And take over the Moonstreet. Zombie Hunters try to capture Zombiedumbs while they try to save Hana and the Moonstreet from the bad guys. Once again comes the ridiculously 

funny slapstick comedy as the zombies and hunters meet as enemies only to become friends.

Time Traveler Luke

‘Starz Hotel’, this hotel is known as the mecca of travelers, since all the stories and traditional relics around the world gather here. Paul, the owner and founder of the hotel has been travelling history using the secret Time Traveling Elevator hidden behind the bookshelf in his study to save the relics of the world in danger.

One day, Paul’s got trapped in time during his time traveling journey. Luke, the grandson of Paul notices about this mysterious elevator and commences his time traveling journey trying to find his grandfather Paul, with the new mission as a ‘relic guardian’. But Luke meets Indiana who’s also a time traveler. And Indiana wants to snatch all the treasures of the world to get wealth and honor for himself… …

Now the fight begins between Luke who tries to save the relics in the world and Indiana who tries to snatch all the relics!!


Protecting the Digital World all day, every day!

Eager recruits Jacky and Robin live the hard life of cops!

The world inside a smartdevice never sleeps.

Even when it’s not in use, the Command Center keeps a close eye on the situation to stay alert to any problems. 

The Command Center exists to keep all apps working without errors.

The Digital World is in crisis! A user is experiencing a bug!

Rookie cops Jacky and Robin spring into action each time there’s an error or issue – sometimes on their own, and sometimes working as a team to fight to resolve bugs. 

Jacky goes by the book, while Robin works by instinct and feeling as they work hard to protect the Digital World!

The Command Center reports on app status each time an app is used. But apps don’t always work the way their users want them to. 

The chief of the Command Center believes users’ convenience comes first and sends Jacky and Robin to a user’s device each time the slightest issue is detected.

Various things happen on the devices they visit. Appmen sometimes disappear, or the devices are infected by a virus, or they can’t tell what a user wants and fall into confusion and fear after commands with no data. 

Sometimes they cause even more trouble by misunderstanding a user’s situation, but most of the time, Jacky and Robin solve the problem in the end after working hard to help the user. 

Jacky, who tries to follow rules and base everything on data, and Robin, who works by instinct and feeling, sometimes bicker over what method to use, but the two cops usually cooperate to handle the situation. 

When something goes wrong in the Digital World, they’re on the scene to save the day…