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Mystery Migration: Red Crabs of Christmas Island

Once a year, the coasts of Christmas Island turn bright crimson. The red crab migration sweeps across the island in one of nature’s most spectacular mysteries. Their habitat is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean with 63% of its land preserved as a national park. Around its namesake holiday, a crimson carpet covers the ground as more than one hundred million red crabs march from inland forests to the shores. They risk their lives on this twelve-hour journey to spawn in the sea. Watch as they migrate en masse, spawn in triumph, and return as baby crabs to carry on life for the stunning species.

Insects, Geniuses of Strategy

The prejudice surrounding insects has been a source of many misunderstandings. Research has even shown that insects enriching the earth have decreased by 25% over a period of 40 years. Are insects really deserving of the hate and underestimation by human beings? <Insects, Masters of Strategy> looks at the small world of insects resembling the world of humans in its clever survival methods, where insects fight to live another day and preserve their offspring. Also revealed for the first time will be the mysterious habitats of cockroach wasps, mantispids, and clothes moths.

Show me the color

An educational program for kids that combines education with arts and crafts to help them expand their English vocabulary while having fun with it. Kids are able to maintain their focus without getting bored or distracted, as each episode lasts only 5 minutes and the words are expressed through the use of familiar art materials like paint, crayons, colored sand, colored papers, and clay. The show is comprised of three seasons in total. In the first season, each of the 25 episodes deal with different topics such as insects, plants, foods, clothes, and sports. In the second season, its 104 episodes are divided into the three categories; Alphabets, Colors, and Comparison. The vocabulary that pertains to each category (eg. A, B, C, Red, Yellow, Big & Small, etc.) will be taught through various materials in each episode. The final season is made up of 130 episodes where kids learn about vocabulary related to different places such as schools and hospitals through storytelling in the “Let’s go to” series.