Idea Concert Co., Ltd. is producing webtoon and webtoon movie contents.
We have produced or are in the process of producing 8 webtoons of our own.
Currently, 150 Korean webtoons and 97 cartoons can be produced and supplied as webtoon movies.

Idea Concert Co., Ltd. is a company that developed an authoring tool that makes webtoons into videos. The brand of authoring tool SW is ‘Toonibe’ – It makes images such as webtoons, cartoons, fairy tales, and characters into video.
1. It can be made 3 to 10 times faster than the existing video production method.
2. 5 minute videos per person / 2 episodes per week? 15 people are making 120 webtoon movies every month.
( 20 minute video / 30 episodes per month available )

※ Webtoon Movie is a content that allows you to enjoy webtoon with vivid screen production and sound. We have the global business execution power to distribute webtoon movies that can be enjoyed more fun than any webtoon.


Content Introduction

Cookie Run Adventure

Cookie Run Adventure is content created as a 2D animation (Webtoon Movie) from a children’s comic book series produced by Seoul Cultural Publishers using the original IP of the mobile game by DevSisters Game Company. This content tells about the main characters of Cookie Adventure traveling to cities (20 major countries) around the world to learn about culture, architecture, and history.

   The original IP, Cookie Run, is a global IP with high global recognition. Cookie Run surpassed 100 billion won in single game sales and has 100 million users both in Korea and abroad. In addition, the series produced as children’s published comic books is content that travels around the world, so it is judged that it will be popular with target children (elementary school students) users from all over the world.

Physical Therapist of Miracle

Physical Therapist of Miracle is a webtoon made with an excellent web novel IP that was very popular in Korea. This work is groundbreaking for a new medical webtoon genre as “physical therapy” is a field that has not been seen in existing medical webtoon genres. The story setting for this work is filled with a mixture of real and fantasy elements, in which the main character can improve his physiotherapy skills like in a game.

  In contrast to the existing medical genre, which mostly includes accidents and surgeries, “physiotherapy” is an area that requires long-term treatment, so it is easy to give character and story to each patient, as both patients and therapists have a large proportion. So, this webtoon doesn’t just focus on one main character but can offer different story points for each episode. in addition, by recreating this webtoon in 2D animation, we tried to give it various effects like game effects that are supposed to make the work more lively and interesting.


Toonivie is an authoring tool that can easily create 2D animated videos from image content such as webtoons and comics. By combining the latest technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, Toonivie offers various functions such as automatic image separation, comic panel separation, directional effects, automatic coloring, 3D camera effect, etc. 

  Toonivie combines a total of 6 paid applications in one. Therefore, compared to other methods and tools, using Toonivie can reduce the steps of the video production process from 12 to only 5 steps, which indirectly contributes to the efficiency of the work personel from 4 people to a single

person. The most important thing is that anyone can use this tool with just 40 hours of training.