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Go! Go! Brothers

<Go! Go! Brothers> TV series provides cheerful episodes based on the weird combination of characters created by mischievous but somewhat mature elementary school boy Gi-yeong and idiot middle school boy Gi-cheol distracted to girls at puberty. In addition, as the lifestyle and props in the 1960s to 1970s are described in the animation, it makes a distinctive atmosphere of <Go! Go! Brothers> of its own. The animation is expected to form a social consensus between generations by showing children the past where their parents and grandparents lived and reminding adults of though but happy memories.


This is story about 12 years old adolescence young girl who is called BBoguri.

Reading genuine cartoons as she became a woman character shed tears.

Sunny is one year older than BBoguri.

Her heart became a complete somersault when she saw him.

She is try to express her mind to Sunny but everytime something goes wrong.

BBoguri going to get a Sunny’s mind?

What is going to happen?