Gulliver Pictures


A content production company ‘Gulliver Pictures’ wants to produce more genre films, led by the feature film and drama <Memory>.

‘Gulliver Pictures’ has been. invited to domestic and international film festivals, screening. the following films: Korea’s first 3D Mapping technology film. and first Ulsan International Short Film Festival Grand Prize. winner <Magic Blanket>, an Animation film in- vited to 21. domestic and international film festivals <Entry>, Korean hero. film <Dumb Hero>, an action film about witches <Witch. Hunter>, a film highlights social conflicts <Pointing Fingers>. and a flim about family love <Family>. The company has been. producing advertisements for Seoul City as well as movies. 


We will launch. <Cinematic Novel Season 1>, <Cinematic Novel Season 2>, and we want to produce more OTT and web content in the future.




While going through her dead husband’s things, Suyeon discovers a sex tape. Shocked, Suyeon seeks counseling from Jeongwoo, a psychiatrist, and starts to uncover her late husband’s past, only to discover that everything he said about himself was a lie. Using decisive evidence discovered by Jeongwoo, she goes to the place where she met her husband, but she finds a body that seemed to be her beloved’s. Suyeon, who appeared to be the victim at first, became cold-hearted and led Jeongwoo to suspect her. Because of that, Suyeon confessed all her crimes to the psychiatrist at her party. Thinking that everything was over, Jeongwoo begins to die slowly from the poison that Suyeon mixed in his drink. However, he soon wakes up after Suyeon pours water on him. Everything has been an intricate plan set up by Suyeon.


Unique point & Oversea pertinent


1. Female Protagonist: A thrilling revenge play that gives the audience intellectual fun and pleasure with a story in which the main character is a woman.

2. Based on a famous Korean true story, many similar cases abroad. Universal story

3. The male actor, ‘Jung Eun-woo’ is an actor known in Asia for the lead role in a drama.

4. Works that have been verified by numerous content-related organizations in Korea

  • 2019 Korea Radio Promotion Association Support Project 
  • 2019 Jeonju Film Commission Support Project
  • 2019 Incheon Film Commission Incheon Stay  
  • 2019 Seoul Film Commission Film Creation Space Support Project
  • 2020 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’s Work In Progress 
  • 2020 Works of “MIPCOM Country of Honor”

Cinematic Novel Season1


Fantasy and various genres such as ‘Black Mirror’ and’Twilight Zone’.

They have a common denominator of fantasy and family.


Unique point & Oversea pertinent

1. Collection of verified works that have already won domestic and international film festivals

2. Connected by the key: family and fantasy 


3. Short Form’Black Mirror’