IPP Inc.


IPP is an outsourcing production company for broadcasting programs established in 2017.
About 30 PDs and writers, including representatives with 25 years of broadcasting production experience, are working.
We produce and supply entertainment programs to famous Korean TV broadcasting channels such as ‘TV Chosun’, ‘MBN’, and ‘Channel A’ etc..


We are also producing our own contents such as

  • Grandma Soonie’s K-Food
  • Korean Goods
  • Travel to Korea



Grandma Soonie’s K-Food

  • Reveal how to make “real K-food” that has been handed down from generation to generation for 200 years!
  • The skills of a ‘traditional food master’ selected by the country, and her charm of an unexpected character!
  • Fun to watch and fun to eat at the same time! ‘Reality Cooking Show’ with granddaughter.


Kang Soon-ui (=Sooni Grandma) 75 years old. Master of traditional Korean food.

Hong Seokhee  /  25 years old. Granddaughter
Genre: Cooking show / Entertainmnet
Time: 10 to 15 minutes (short form contents)

Travel in Korea

Places introduced through Korean dramas/movies/music videos!
Do you want to take a picture to prove at the ‘right place’ where the star appeared?

Let’s go on a trip to “Korea’s Holy Land” visited by stars!
I’ll show you how to get there and what to see nearby. 

Genre: Travel / Information
Time: About 10 minutes (short form contents)

Korean Goods

I’ll inform you about the products used by stars in Korean dramas/movies/music videos. Also, I’ll show you how to use it in various ways, and how to shop online for cheaper purchases. 

Genre: Information / Style
Time: About 5 minutes (short form contents)