Haksan Publishing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, and is committded to produce the comic books, digital contents, character products, global business expansion through the ceaseless inventive and new plot – devising power.

We haver grown to make the childern books, novels, and practical books and We are leading the multi-publishing business in Korea now.


Fantastic Story of Nangseon

“We call the wind-clouded Shinsun (Taoist hermit with miraculous powers) ‘Nangseon’!”

‘Sangun’, is the master of the mountain living as a mystical creature after his reincarnation as a tiger. A girl comes to see Sangun, who was living in peace. The girl offers to serve him as her husband. Finding her troublesome, Sangun tries to make her leave, but she has nowhere else to go. Sangun finally decides to take her in, and then he is faced with all sorts of threats.

Crows Like Things That Sparkle

A hot romance between a cold-hearted knight from the north and a beautiful prince!

Sahara Illoud is a knight who led a 37-year-long war against barbarians to victory in the northern part of the empire “The Land of Snow”. As rumors spread that the impressed Emperor will offer Sahara a royal marriage, Princess Chloe becomes

anxious and asks Crown Prince Chaisha Wi Solante, her brother, not to bring Sahara if he is a barbaric man.

However, contrary to rumors, Sahara was actually a beautiful woman. Attracted to her strength and loyalty, Chaisha gradually becomes interested in her.

One Step from Hell

A whisper of salvation reaches out to a child who was frantically fleeing through a forest in the pouring rain to escape the hands of a cruel orphanage director.

“Sign with me. I’ll grant your three greatest wishes.” 

It was the devil whispering sweetly, promising to grant the child his wishes. The boy, who was well aware that sweet temptation comes with a price, hesitated, but whatever he chose, death was already certain. Eventually, the boy makes a wish, and the boy bets his life on the remaining two wishes. Time has passed, and Daniel, the young boy from that time, has since escaped from the devil’s grasp, abandoned the past, and taken on a new life. However, Daniel encounters a nightmare from the past that gripped the nape of his neck in Washington while visiting the city for work…

A chase between the monopoly-obsessed devil Jesus and the timid and difficult civil servant Daniel!