Starting with the launch of Korea’s first comic magazine in 1991, Daewon C.I. hadn’t only been introducing international million-selling IPs such as <Slam Dunk> to domestic market, but also had been laid the foundation for comics’ publication industry with its original IP. It also exported IPs to more than 40 countries, in forms of comics, Hollywood movie, Taiwanese drama and game franchise. This year, Daewon C.I. is speeding up its expansion of overseas business, exporting over 100 titles in more than 10 different languages.



Answer Me, My Prince

This is a romance fantasy webtoon based on the novel with the same name. A story unfolds as Cordelia Gray, a dreamy new editor, goes to an antique bookshop to receive a follow-up manuscript of the fairy tale book “The Princess and the Knight”, she accidentally exchanges letters with Archie, the handsome prince from the fairy tale through The two living in different worlds and times, they exchange letters and find the true story of “The Princess and the Knight” and their love stories that are intensifying.

The House Living with You

Sweet romance story at the Four Seasons share house caused by double contract! GU Hana, the daughter of the owner of share house, has been out of work. But, one day, her parents left Hana to manage the share house for a year and they went on an overseas trip. She was so happy about how she’s going to spend the rental income, however, it turned out soon that her parents already received the rental payments for a year from all tenants! So, she decided to lease her parents’ room for monthly rent and greeted a new tenant. But… why are there two tenants? One of them is a person who definitely made a contract with Hana, but who is the other?