GraceBell is a company that delivers the sensitivity between humans. Designing stationery starting from about 20 years ago, GraceBell is producing diverse products fit for consumers such as goods for women and living products. 

GraceBell is a company that always looks at the customer’s point of view, works hard to create essential products used in daily life, and uses calligraphy to comfort customer’s minds and to express the customer’s mind through warm-hearted words in their products.

GraceBell has a total of 4 characters that have been designed such as Hello Jane, Hello Dundun, Flower, designed with a motive to be like flower patterns, and GraceBell Packaging used to pack various products.

GraceBell has released about 50 items and more than 300 products, and have been participating in exhibitions held in various countries. On top of working on overseas exportation to Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, New York, and China, GraceBell is also engaged in diverse activities such as character licensing and a collaboration with NGO.

A total of 70 GraceBell supporters working under the name of “GraceBell Friends” have helped with domestic marketing and have been working with GraceBell for six years to make convenient and useful products by sharing their honest reviews, ideas, and shortcomings after using GraceBell products.

In 2017 and 2019, a total of 143 products were selected as ideal products in the Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards. In 2018, GraceBell was selected as a product with good design, one of the three major design awards in Korea, which is the recognition of excellent design.

GraceBell is planning to continuously make products that provide convenience to many people in their daily lives in the future.



Gracebell Hello Jane Silk Touch Ballpoint

Gracebell’s silk touch ballpoint pen has a smooth writing feel with oil-based ink with a focus degree. No clumping of ink It is designed with cute Hello Jane friends. There are 9 designs in all.

Gracebell Hello Jane Monthly Planner Planner

you can write down important events every day.  You can easily see the schedule of the month at a glanceIt has a well-organized TO-DO that can make important things small.

Gracebell Hello Jane Daily Memo-IT

Memoit with cute and lovely Jane and her friends
It has good adhesion.
You can take notes of things you need to remember and post them anywhere.