BRUSH Theatre is a place where every child and teenager in the world can enjoy high-quality performance no matter what their social, economic, and geographical background is. 

We value the fact that everyone has the right to enjoy art. We treat children and adolescents as today’s audiences instead of the future’s.

We respect, provide, and create various art experiences and cultural values for children to embrace in their daily lives.

From the very beginning of our foundation, we aim to enter the international market. We have been actively running productions around the world.

Overall, we work with children, family audiences, and partners from various backgrounds beyond the limitations of language.

As a result of these efforts, the world’s leading art festivals and theaters continue to invite BRUSH Theater to perform. Moreover, we continue to enter the international market through art markets and platforms.



Gravity Space

<Gravity Space> is an immersive theatre content that can be enjoyed by various age groups. It is the convergence of art, technology, and experience.
It is the first immersive theater experience show created by combining BRUSH Theatre’s own technology and sensibility with the immersive theater genre, which is emerging as a new performance worldwide.
It is considered one of the most representative convergence performance technologies in Korea.
Currently, it is only being introduced in Korea, but it is planning to enter the world stage along with new technologies such as VR and hologram in the future.

“Can we choose to be at the exact moment we want to be?”
The first AI space tourism cruise, Royal Space!
A seven-day journey begins to see spectacles on a cosmic scale, spectacles,star-exploding shows, and moments.
Lila, a stowaway who sneaked into the cruise to see the star explode and dissipate. She is soon discovered by AI Con, but finds out there is something else in the cruise besides herself and the passengers. And it soon puts the Cruise in danger.
Will Lila be able to accurately witness the moment when the star explodes? It describes Lila’s journey to exist at the perfect moment with fantastic projection mapping technology and fascinating stories.

The Little Musician

The live musical theatre performance.
“When will a brave person come to the world? If that, brave person is me?”
One winter day, dark and cold are coming to world because sunshine is freezing. A little musician begins walking to save the world that lost light. She has nothing except just one flute.

New adaption of a fairy tale in Central Asia. The journey is made by vivid live-sound simulating the audience’s imagination.
The show is filled by ingenious ideas. The yellow wood boards become sunshine, the bubble wrap becomes the twinkle snowy field and the plastic bag becomes transparent ice chunks. During the show the audience can get apart from all the digital devices and experience the analog fantasy. The Little Musician’s adventure will stimulate the imagination and spirits of adventure, and capture the hearts with warm story filled with hope and sunshine.

Dragon Hi

This show is a mix of multimedia and live music. <Dragon Hi>is a live family musical that everyone can enjoy. It tells a story about how to love oneself. 

“Dragon Hi” is a story about the first time that the protagonist ‘Hi’ learns the process of accepting himself as he is, as well as the discrimination he experiences.
Born different from others, ‘Hi’ is a courageous person who goes a long way to face questions about why he looks strange and why he is unusual.
Young Hi’s story, which values the extraordinary power he has even if he is not like others, will bring great resonance not only to children but also to his family members living today.
Brush Theater’s work is trying to bring positive thoughts on children’s development process and art education beyond fun. It improves self-esteem through the process of recognizing self-concept and accepting yourself as you are through the way the character ‘Hi’ solves questions about himself.
Watching the characters ‘Hi’ and ‘Low’ work with dragons to deal with the crisis, they develop problem-solving skills and social skills that can solve problems with people around them.