Eyescream Studio is a production company specializing in planning/producing creative animation. Eyescream was established to create content that impresses and entertains the global public based on high-level visual quality and original storytelling. In line with the ever-changing media platform market, we have broadened the spectrum of genres such as disaster, horror, and science fiction, and have actively utilized various new technologies such as real-time rendering in the project to increase efficiency. We place the highest value on various challenges and achievements, such as building new character branding business models including digital actors and virtual influencers.




Format: HDTV series animation / 11min X 78ep

Target: Pre-school

Genre: Adventure, Edutainment

Synopsis: ‘Duda&Dada’ is a story of how a little, happy-go-lucky mole “Duda,” discovering the world above ground, befriends an explorer “Dada” and has exciting adventures with funny friends. In the new season , they explore forests, oceans, and other mystical places to meet wonderous animals and to complete Expedictionary – a wiki-encyclopedia for all explorers in the world. As they become a friend with more animals, Everybody’s Dictionary becomes much abundant. Let’s go to the adventure together and grow a broader and more in-depth view of the world!

Duda&Dada the secret of HooHoo Island

Format: Animated feature film / 80min

Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Target: Children, Family

Synopsis: In many fairy tales, young protagonists grow up without parents, and this includes Duda. Duda and his friends decide to go on an adventure to the secret HooHoo Island to find Duda’s mom. On the way, a dragon attacks them in the Snow Rabbit Forest, Duda and friends are separated, and Pinkar breaks down. Time is ticking fast, and the magical flower which is one of the keys to enter the island is wilting. Will Duda and friends reach the island in the time?

The day I die

Format: OTT series animation / 20min x 13ep

Genre: Disaster, Survival 

Target: Teens, Adults

Synopsis: On the last day of the school trip, high school student Ian decided to kill himself that very day due to bullying and the death of an idol star who he’s half-sister. But, he was trapped in an Express Bus Terminal basement that collapsed in an earthquake with an unknown cause just before the execution.

The rescue team does not come, and the survivors’ society becomes a jungle of ‘the stronger preys on the weaker’ in a prolonged situation.

Will Ian, who is on the side of the injured and the weak, can overcome the crisis and escape the maze-like underground…