ICONIX has been steadily producing Korean-made creative animation works including ‘Tayo the Little Bus’, ‘Chiro and Friends’, ‘Tai Chi Chasers’, ‘Z Rangers’ as well as ‘Pororo the Little Penguin’ since its establishment in 2001. In addition, based on the animation characters, ICONIX has been developing various Korean character businesses consisting of publication, toy, music, performance, theme park, license, new media, etc.. It is leading to the expension of overall character industry fields and the exportation of high quality creative animation series to the world, which consequently enables us to take the lead the globalization of the animation industry.



Pororo the Little Penguin

Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, Pororo the little penguin and his friends live in a peaceful land covered in snow and ice. They have distinct personalities and different interests that sometimes cause little happenings in their calm white world. But they are all good friends and know how to help each other in times of trouble

Tayo the Little Bus

Tayo and the little buses go on an exciting adventure during their daily routes in the busy city. Tayo is often making mistakes but is always learning to overcome challenges with the help of Hana, the wise and friendly bus mechanic, Rogi, the sociable green bus, Lani, the cheerful yellow bus, and Gani the diligent one. Many great characters, fun story-telling and educational messages are unveiled from Tayo’s daily adventures. Buckle up and join the bus ride with Tayo!


Train Center’s new born little train TITIPO has just passed the driving examination and is prepared to work at the Train Village. Although TITIPO dreams of becoming the best train in the world, his curious yet random personality catches him in unforeseen events and troubles everyday. TITIPO expands his experience in the greater world and befriends GENIE, DIESEL, and other little trains. Will TITIPO achieve his dream of becoming the best train? 

Come join the railroad journey and meet TITIPO and the little train friends.