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Before starting specific work, Eunhuholdings Co., Ltd. deeply explores the value of the brand and the essence of the brand and thinks about the direction the brand should move forward. And incorporate the branding strategy needed for the current brand into specific movie content.
EUNHUBOAZ, a company that discovers and grows the potential of a brand, and a company that contemplates content that can produce the best effect through the optimal budget, has been created as a Hallyu brand loved by the public.



Graphene garment bag&Protective clothes SET

EUNHUBOAZ has planned a set of Corona that gives fun and curiosity by collaborating with Choi-woolga painter in a long-term pendemic state.

Meet the product line of EUNHUBOAZ where corona products are goods products that are interesting because they are combines in paintings, fashion, movie and household goods. 

The demand for dust-proof masks and sheet maskpacks, which have become essential items when going out, and the use of new dream material graphene as yarn to showcase 

Graphene garment bags for the first time, have far-infrared, ultraviolet protection, antimicrobial function, and odor function. In the Corona era, where quarantine is essential, graphene is a great material that changes the world.

Put precious clothes in a graphene garment bag made in collaboration with Korean artist Choi-woolga’s character work and travel on a stylish business trip and trip. It can be moved by preventing external harmful

bacteria and storing them neatly. You can use it permanently by handwashing it separately. Prepare the protective clothing that come with it like a fire extinguisher and use it in case of an emerfency. Protection suits are made for disposable use. It’s breathable, so it’s comforable and has a better quality than regular protective clothing.

This product has safe-k1 standards. Please check the sticker label. Gray protective clothing is a goods product with shadow 72season series contents. Please look forword to the cjaracter og the graphene garment bag and the movie content that will come out as a set.