Culture Planet Co., Ltd


Culture Planet is a cultural contents planning and distribution company that was established in April 2016 based on 20 years of planning, production and distribution of animation and related OSMU contents.
Culture Planet has started to produce broadcasting animations to discover the interesting and diverse stories in Asia and to help children to develop their imagination through storytelling and learn proper reading habits and media device usage through animation. We are developing combined convergence products through collaborating with specialized companies in various fields such as Asia Culture Center and ICT companies.
In addition, Culture Planet is preparing to produce and distribute contents that combine AR/VR and robot technologies that will operate at a specialized place for children at the Asia Culture Center with South Korea’s leading developers. Finally, Culture Planet is in collaboration with local and foreign animation related educational institutions, aims to overcome th



Fairytabe Adventure

ㅇFormat : Full 2D CG Animaiton
ㅇComposed : 11minⅹ52 eps
ㅇGenre : Creativity, emotion, reading education animation
ㅇTarget: 7 years old.13 years old.


“Storyland somewhere in the sky created by the dreams, hopes, and imaginations of children in the world!”
A story treasure hunt project with interesting and interesting stories so that storybooks can be made for children who are obsessed with smart devices!”

Dalbi's Adventure

ㅇFormat : Full 2D CG Animaiton
ㅇComposed : 11minⅹ52 eps
ㅇGenre : Emotion, healing, adventure animation

ㅇTarget : Kid & Family


“Dalbi”, a baby otter who lived happily with her mother otter.
One day, he was swept away by the river that swelled up by heavy rain and broke up with his mother.
When I finally came to my senses, a mysterious world that I’ve never heard of before!
Fortunately, I meet new friends, but I get to know the importance of my family more by experiencing several risks, such as being chased by poachers. Will Dalbi be able to find her mom?

story messenger "Dongaebi"

ㅇFormat : Full 2D CG Animaiton
ㅇComposed : 11minⅹ52 eps
ㅇGenre : Sentiment. Philosophy. Fantasy animation

ㅇTarget : Kid & Family


The neighborhood troublemaker, Donggaebi!
He lives in an old house with the head of a post office who is about to retire at a local post office just before the closure.
One wish of Donggaebi is to become a mailman.
One day, he learned the secret of his 400-year-old birth by the goblin spirit Ho-rang, who popped out of the latch of his old house, and after that, Donggaebi becomes a heart delivery man who conveys hope to people.
Scary but warm grandfather and interfering squirrel vomit.
Donggaebi’s project to prevent conflicts with Ho-rang, who holds the secret key of 400 years!