Creative Bomb Co., Ltd.


Established in 2015, Creative Bomb has been offering a wide range of services based on its animation IP Boto and Bao. Boto and Bao TV animation series has 5 seasons and 124 episodes in total, and now are being broadcast on Korea (Animax), China (CCTV), Thailand (True Vision Channel) and New Media Channel.

1. Animation Production and Media Distribution:
TV animation series are being broadcast on Korea, China and Thailand. Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese dubbed version of Boto and Bao is now available, and Creative Bomb successfully signed a publishing contract with the Vietnamese publishing agency.

2. Education Business:
Creative Bomb runs a content business in education and in interactive content. The education business includes Boto and Bao IP-based English, music, and coding content and the interactive part includes AR and VR videos.

3. Licensing & Offline business
The company also has offline business arms as well. Creative Bomb has been running a ‘kids play zone & cafe’ business. We release licensed products, including book, toys.

Creative Bomb is looking for an animation publisher in priority, co-producer, character licenser, and education partner next. We hope to find great partners ON;HALLYU FESTIVAL.



Boto and Bao Original TV Series

2D Animation / Season1 20eps. X 11min / Season2 26eps. X 11min.
YouTube link:
Dong Dong City lives along with the gentle ocean breeze. Under Dr. Turtle’s command, Dong Dong City friends fight against Rojo’s army to protect the ocean.
The smart pink dolphin from Amazon ‘Boto’, the adventurous golden dolphin ‘Bao’ from, Asian Ocean, the brave Don Quixote unicorn whale ‘Monodon’ from the North Pole, white whale ‘Beluga’ the Soprano from the North Pole, and gray whale ‘Yawn’ the Chef from the Pacific Ocean.
Indulge into the hidden, mysterious knowledge of the ocean and join the adventure of friends!

Boto and Bao Musical English

2D Education animation / 48eps. X 3min. (In production) / Kids for 4~6 years
YouTube Link:
Jointly developed with the English education company ‘Jaha Musical English’
The musical English animation for YouTube is currently being produced. We are looking for a partner to co-produce professional musical English education animation.
Businesses with Korean international schools, after-school classes, private academies, kindergartens (B2B) and individuals (B2C)
Composition: Story book (6 volumes), workbook (6 volumes), teaching guides (1 volume) and children’s song (6 songs), etc.