character factory MANGCHI


character factory MANGCHI is a company of character design, character licensing, animation planning, character products selling. we have brands of Alien PPIO, black gomdung, ru and shoo, bboshong friends, halabum, Cheer up PPUO PPUO, and A.I robot DUBI and DUBA, red blood. we have some animation projects .



Alien ppio

‘Alien ppio’ is a adventure story that ppio coming to earth had found for preciuos value energy to save cosmos with gun and saerom child. the material civilization is developing, but nature is damaged and people are individualized. So, many people had lost the value of life. alien ppio is another the self portrait of many people that had lost the value of life. So alien ppio has made for kids and lonely people. we wants to wake many people the value of life that had lost.

Black gomdung

the story is about a small daily life of a timid asiatic black bear,black gomdung and a chick friend KKatalina.
Black gomdung is bigger than a hat and is not well dressed because of its size. They left the mountain and came down to the city because of natural destruction. The timid and faithful black bear, gomdung and the fussy and decisive KKatalina, and ai robot – several arms run the cafe well.
We are going to show you the lives of modern people by the various animals that come to cafe of the black gomdung.


There are no tigers in Jeju Island. There is a romantic story of Halabum, a tiger who went to Jeju island. He is a character who supports everyone who starts a new life regardless of competition.