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: Animation, Animation/Character

Oh, My Junior!
Original IP Maker & IP Business Builder

O.M.J is a junior & family IP specialist company.
The brand name O.M.J is an abbreviation for Oh, My Junior.
Children and families from all over the world can enjoy together
It means creating original IP that is fun and informative.
O.M.J wants to conduct meaningful and valuable IP business through this.

O.M.J plans, creates, and discovers various types of original IP.
(Character IP, Story IP, Brand IP, Goods IPNew media video IP, knowledge & expert celebrity IP, etc.)
We are a strategy & planning crew doing a new type of IP business.

O.M.J was established in December 2021 as a subsidiary of the webtoon company Jadam Media.

Business Description

Knowledge Expert Celeb MCN Business, Character Content IP Business

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